Supply Chain

At supply chain service, our experienced team will help clients to handle their project smooth, effective and guaranteed:

  • Define unique supply strategy based on client demands
  • Design a special plan for requested project based on origin, type of demands,…
  • Define a general enterprise application for handling the project
  • Try to manage assets of project and handle the process base on target asset
  • We will do all procurement affair on behalf of client
  • Manage and check all critical factors on any supply project from factory to clients’ warehouse
  • Manage Logistic affairs and deliver based on safe process

Documentation, Purchasing and Material Expediting

* Material Sourcing

* Vendor Qualification

* Bid Package Preparation

* Bid Evaluation and Vendor Recommendation

* Purchase Orders

* Expediting

* QA/QC Procedures and Documentation

* Material Management

* Invoice Approval

* Interface w/ Client Management and Accounting

* Pre- commissioning and Commissioning Procedures

* Vendor Data Books and Operational Manuals

* As-Built Documentation Preparation.