Oil & Gas Engineering

As specialists, we understand the market, the technologies, the drivers and challenges facing the industry. We have established global partnerships, to deliver a range of highly valued services with performance that makes us partners of choice for our clients. IESL Ghana can provide the complete engineering of oil and gas field development, from conceptual studies to detailed engineering including procurement, technical assistance and supervision.

Conceptual/Feasibility Studies

We performs feasibility studies to determine optimal design/cost considerations for the development and transportation of oil and gas resources. These studies usually include:

* Determination of technical alternatives

* Overall route and system optimization, including profile and hydraulic study

* Estimation of capital cost and operating costs

* Definition of the main features and functional requirements of the project

* Investment appraisal and economic evaluation

* Recommendation of preferred solution (with economic considerations and benefits)

FEED/ Basic Engineering

IESL produces the basic engineering designs and followed these through to the preparation of tender documents and the evaluation of bids for a large number of pipelines. The scope of IESL’s work typically includes:

* Process design

* Technical dossier (specifications, calculation notes, general drawings) incorporated in the call to tender for turnkey contracts and long lead items supply.

* Evaluation of tenders.

Minor Modification – Applicable for Onshore/Offshore

IESL has experienced engineers with capability to perform minor modification (Re-design & Follow-up reconstruction) of existing facilities in offshore/onshore installations.

Detailed Engineering

IESL has performed this role on many major projects. IESL is currently undertaking two major offshore projects with technical support from Doris Engineering, Paris.
The projects are OFON 2 Topside Design and USAN FPSO Detailed Engineering Design.
The involvement is determined by the type and scope of the project with the services provided frequently including:

Process Facilities

IESL provides mechanical engineering services for all phases of oil & gas processing. Our comprehensive capabilities allow us to provide design services for every process system required on an offshore platform.
This diverse experience has led to the effective design of projects ranging from oil & gas processing and gas compression, to pipeline terminals, dehydration systems, and enhanced recovery systems.

An extensive background in vessel sizing and design, production equipment packaging and interconnecting piping design, further strengthens our ability to deliver the highest caliber of service on an unparalleled timeline.
Optimum efficiency, productivity and compliance are fundamental to the design of all process facilities, resulting in successful permitting. In every project, IESL achieves these goals as an integral part of the overall design function.

A thorough knowledge of HAZOP and SEMP requirements ensures that our designs not only comply with government required procedures, but also allows operators of existing platforms to upgrade facilities for compliance. With IESL vast experience, achieving compliance is never an issue.

Electrical Design and Operability Analyses

System design utilizing Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP?) for:

* Load and Power Analysis

* Short Circuit Analysis

* Protective Device Coordination Analysis

* Generator/Utility modeling/sizing

* Transmission line modeling

* Motor Starting modeling

* Cable sizing routing and tray/duct bank/vault Analysis

* Transient System Analysis

* Harmonic Analysis

Fire & Gas Design and Operability Analyses

Conceptual and Operational Fire & Gas System design:

* Specifications

* System design and procurement

* Field installation and operational inspection

* Test & Commissioning


When a project calls for instrumentation, we designs a variety of pneumatic/electronic control & safety systems–such as emergency shut down (ESD), waterflood and steamflood facilities, platform safety, subsea completion, and compression control.

IESL produces all drawings and reports required to ensure that control systems meet government standards and procedures, including responses to MOC (management of change) documents, safe charts for functional analysis and evaluation, and permitting packages (MMS).
Our engineers also perform field surveys to evaluate existing systems, verifying that the system complies with industry safety standards–such as the American Petroleum Institute (APl) RP14C and RP75. Following evaluation, we recommend and implement the required system changes to ensure compliance.

Years of experience and refined work methods help to reduce the cost and time in designing and constructing control & safety systems. Whether we’re designing new systems or evaluating existing ones, safety always comes first.