Mechanical Equipment & Spares

The first majority of mechanical equipment is ROTATING Equipment in process:

  • All process Pumps (Centrifugal pumps / Oil transfer pumps. / Positive displacement pump/ Diaphragm pump / Petrochemical pump/ Reciprocating plunger pumps / Progressive cavity pumps / Gear pumps / Dosing pumps / Chemical Pumps / Fuel Pumps)
  • All Type of Control Valve and accessories : High Pressure Control Valves / V-port Ball Valves / Segmented Ball Valves / Butterfly valves and gate valves / Liquid Dump Valve on a separator or treater / Gas Back Pressure on any production vessel / Pressure Reduction on a compressor / Pneumatically actuated control valve: a pneumatic pilotor liquid level controller / Electrically actuated control valve: an electric pilot, electric liquid level controller, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), or Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) & Positioners / Actuators
  • All Process Compressor: Positive displacement / Reciprocating compressors / Ionic liquid piston compressor / Rotary screw compressors / Rotary vane compressors / Rolling piston / Scroll compressors / Diaphragm compressors / Air bubble compressor / Centrifugal compressors / Diagonal or mixed-flow compressors / Axial compressors / Hermetically sealed, open, or semi-hermetic / Thermodynamics of gas compression / Isentropic compressor
  • Gears Boxes, Gear Reductions,
  • Electro Motors
  • Related OEM Spare Part

The next majority of mechanical equipment found in oil and gas facilities belongs to the static equipment group, which comprises of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, storage tanks, fired Heaters, pig launchers etc.: Horizontal & Vertical Pressure Vessel / Columns / Buried/ Mounded Storage Bullets / Atmospheric Storage Tanks / Storage Spherical tanks / All type of heat Exchangers same as SELL AND TUBE, AIR COOLED, Plate PHE / Fired Heaters  / PIG Launchers / Receivers / Flare Stack and Flare & Knock Out Drum / Jet Ejector and Scrubber / MSV Skid / Wellhead /  and all  related accessories.