Our Services


Workshop Equipment & Spars

Machining Devices, Valve Shop equipment, Casting-Forging-Cutting Machinery and all type of products which se at industrial workshops.


Utility Equipment & HVAC Systems

Water & Waste Treatment Unit, Cooling Tower Unit, Boiler Unit, Air-Steam-N2-O2 Units, All Air Conditioning Equipment


Automation & Control Component

Sensors, Monitors, Controllers, Gas Leak Detection, Gas Monitor, Electrical & Electronic Component, Control room Workstation Equipment.


Mechanical Equipment (Pump, Valve, Compressor)

All Pumps Type & Spars, All Type Control Valve & Spars, Positioners, Actuators, All Process Compressor, Gears Boxes, Electro Motors, and OEM Spare Part


Process Instrument & Analyzers

Temperature, Pressure, Flow Meter & Switches, All Metering Devices, Transformer, Transformer Online Monitoring, All  Detector, Test Equipment, Analyzer Equipment, Thermal Camera, Power Quality Analyzer, Portable & Fix Equipment


Industrial LAB Equipment & General Product

Oil Transformer Test Equipment, Heaters & Resistors, Marine Warning Lantern, Aviation Warning Lights, Work Safety Equipment, All Type Industrial Filters Coil, Air, Gas.